Calcabis is a Danish reg-tech company, which focuses on process optimisation and documentation within KYC, AML, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management.

About us

Our patented software is a system based on multiple AI technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Process Automation and Computer Vision. The combination of various technologies enables your company to work in a more efficient and structured way with your onboarding process while being in compliance, with the current legislation in your particular area, at all times.

Using our Artificial Intelligence software, allows us to analyse a variety of data - fully documented and without human intervention.

Calcabis believes that real experts are the most important resource when you need to reach the right conclusion. That is why we transform real experts’ knowledge into Artificial Intelligence and ensure that your employees’ knowledge is used to their full potential and never leaves the company.

A customised platform

Tailor made for your company

We understand the importance of your organisation’s unique background knowledge, experience and historical data. Our intelligent software system is capable of integrating knowledge, experience and data into one platform. We always develop each platform in close collaboration with your organisation’s own experts in KYC, AML, Regulatory Compliance and/or Risk Management to ensure details are tailored to your specific needs.


At Calcabis we collect data from over 300 million organisations including politically exposed persons (PEPs) and sanction lists worldwide. Our system continuously monitors ongoing cases, safeguarding your compliance, should there be a change of ownership, or anything similar impacting your compliance.


With Calcabis, you ensure that your company always uses the optimum processes and draws the right conclusions, so you can focus efforts on other business critical activities.


Our customers are primarily in sectors covered by the Money Laundering Act, including the financial sector and the auditing and legal professions.

Our product

Calcabis' software is based on Artificial Intelligence and has benefited from a 10-year fine-tuning and optimisation process. Relevant trends are predicted by the software’s intelligent data analysis and machine learning capabilities. The software increases the likelihood of detecting and documenting fraud. Our platform can integrate all types of data sources, formats, and human knowledge in your particular company, which may be held in structured or unstructured form. We focus on your company’s specific needs and requirements – in other words, our service will help you safeguard your compliance.

Among other things, Calcabis' platform enables:

Background checks in accordance with the Money Laundering Act

The system collects and analyses available data, which is compiled into a report that provides an assessment of whether the subject is compliant or non-compliant. If the Calcabis system identifies cause for concern, then issues are documented in detail in reports.

Monitoring and alerts

The platform constantly monitors all the company’s customers and automatically alerts you to any significant changes in e.g. ownership, the board of directors, politically exposed persons, and sanction lists.

Intelligent reading

The platform is able to analyse facial images as well as text and can therefore detect forged passports, papers or other identification documents.

Data mining among customers

Calcabis’ software classifies, segments, and analyses data to identify relationships and connections that could reveal patterns for further investigation, including those related to scams and fraud.