We emulate people

With our artificial intelligence platform, we create virtual experts who efficiently automate and handle manual tasks in organisations.

Calcabis’s customised artificial intelligence solution is based on cutting edge technologies and always in close collaboration with your experts, senior management and IT department. We build on your existing IT infrastructure and supply an individually adapted version of our platform.

In short, our focus is to help any type of organisation to become more efficient on a day-to-day basis, and to be able to handle ever more regulatory requirements and increasing societal expectations in relation to compliance.

About us

Calcabis has its origins in the Fin- and RegTech environment in Copenhagen and consist of a highly experienced team, comprising seasoned finance professionals, pioneer developers with more than 15 years’ experience in AI and people with international experience in the fields of hardware and international business development.

In Calcabis, we have come together to utilise artificial intelligence to solve the challenges of companies and organisations in terms of automating, quality-assuring, safeguarding compliance with less resources and supporting business-critical manual processes.

At Calcabis, our ambition is to give organisations the optimal opportunities and utmost agility in a single, efficient AI platform. We have succeeded in this, and today we offer a platform that handles a wide range of manual tasks and encapsulates and cooperates with human knowledge and involvement.

Our platform

In real time, Calcabis Virtual Expert Platform constantly monitors your existing clients and ongoing cases across departments, verticals and fields. We integrate and work with all data sources, data sets and any human expert knowledge you possess. This is the case whether the data is structured or unstructured - and no matter which language the data or knowledge comes from.

Our virtual experts collect, read, analyse, interpret, conclude and describe details from all processes. That means we can proactively anticipate relevant trends and increase your chances of tracing and documenting fraud and irregularities.

Just as in the real world, our platform always enlists the most suitable specialists/virtual experts to solve a specific problem. On the basis of the specific database and existing knowledge in the organisation, Calcabis’s virtual experts devise the optimal process for any given issue.

Our virtual experts

By combining multiple AI components, we bridge human knowledge and expertise with real AI.

Virtual experts can be customised to all processes and are able to manage and automate complex work processes, while at the same time supporting manual tasks via an integrated and customised neural network of virtual experts. It all happens proactively and across time and space, thereby ensuring you always use the optimum processes and arrive at the correct conclusions fully documented, logged and with full transparency, thereby providing you 100% control of the virtual experts and processes.

Full transparency

We know the importance of being able to document and report issues in order to comply with regulations and legislation. This is why we offer a fully transparent platform where all steps, data layers and expert knowledge is logged and documented. Based on the level of intelligence in the AI, we not only provide the correct answer to a given problem, we also explain the reasoning behind the conclusion, as well recommend what to do in order to solve it most effectively. This gives you a platform that helps you with any aspect of your daily work, and makes sure that you are always in good and competent hands.

Control & scalability

When using Calcabis Virtual Expert Platform, changes do not require comprehensive, expensive system changes, new codes or the like. Our basic principle is that it must be easy to maintain your investment in Calcabis and easy to train your virtual experts.

For this reason, we have ensured that you will be able to develop your virtual experts in the future; for example, when new knowledge becomes available in specific areas. Or in case of legislation changes. And if knowledge is missing in an area, you will be alerted and you can add new knowledge to already existing virtual experts, or create an entirely new virtual expert for your “expert panel” on an ongoing basis.

This makes our platform a future-proof solution for the optimisation of your complex work processes.

Full automation

Calcabis Virtual Expert Platform can fully optimise and automate complex work processes. The reason is that our platform works consistently and without hindrance until it finds the right solution. Full automation may require additional knowledge or the setting up of additional virtual experts. On the basis of sufficient data and expert knowledge, we can eliminate the need for manual resources.

Areas of expertise

We have helped our customers get transparency and control with numerous processes such as the below:

  • KYC
  • AML
  • Tax reporting
  • GDPR
  • Fraud prevention
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Data cleansing
  • M&A
  • Analytics calculations
  • Patterns & trends
  • Optimisation & predictions

Our platform can be customized to all processess.


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